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Unfortunately, without a proper asset protection plan, your personal assets are at risk. It is especially essential in today’s climate to protect your assets, with so many people taking advantage of the legal process with malicious prosecutions. With so many law suits filed on daily basis, which end up settling for far more than they are worth, you have to protect yourself from personal liability.

One claim can end up destroying your entire life savings.  Most people end up trying to protect their assets after they have been sued, or after an event that is the basis of a potential law suit takes place. By then, it is too late. For that reason, it is essential to plan today, before it is too late, in order to protect your personal and business assets from potential creditors. Unfortunately, we often receive calls from frantic individuals who have just experienced an event opening them up to potential liability. They want to quickly protect their assets. Again, by then, it might be too late. Planning today is the surest way to protect your assets.

Common risk factors that almost everyone encounters on a daily basis:

  • Liability resulting from car accident
  • Liability resulting from injuries taking place on your real property
  • Liability resulting from professional misconduct
  • Officers and/or employees misconduct resulting in personal liability
  • business partner disputes
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Basically any event that puts you at risk of being sued

Many people also incorrectly believe that insurance will fully protect them.  Insurance is usually an integral piece of all asset protection plans, but it is most often not enough to full cover liability resulting from serious injury or damage to another. It’s also often too expensive to maintain adequate insurance. There are legal tools that can effectively protect your assets, which are often necessary above and beyond an insurance plan. Formation of business entities, certain types of trusts are examples.

We will craft an asset protection plan and estate plan specific to your needs and tailored to your assets.  These plans may comprise of:

  1. Business and personal insurance policies
  2. Various types of trusts
  3. Marital agreements
  4. Various business entities

Although the exact plan will vary from client to client, the goal is the same: effectively and legally protect you.

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