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Elder Law is a specific concentration of law that involved representation of the elderly with respect to a variety of legal issues, including Medi-Cal Planning, Conservatorships, Incapacity Planning, Long Term Care Planning, VA Benefits Planning, Elder Abuse, Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning and more. We represent our clients with respect to all areas of elder law.

In California, the most common of these planning tools is Medi-Cal Planning.

Medi-Cal Planning

Medi-Cal Planning is best done before its necessary. Meaning, we often have clients come in after a life changing event, such as the need for full-time nursing care after a stroke or other debilitating event. At that point, although planning is possible, results are more difficult to achieve. Although its never too late to get a plan in place, its best to do it now.

Planning After an Emergency

If you have been admitted to a nursing home or need full time care, Medi-Cal benefits will help you and your estate shoulder the cost. If you believe that you have too many assets to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits, we may be able to help you plan in a way that qualified you. This may involve the creation of irrevocable trusts and other estate planning tools.

Nursing home and long term care costs can deplete someone’s entire estate in a matter of years. Obtaining benefits through Medi-Cal can help maintain your or your loved one’s assets. But it’s only after meeting the government’s financial requirements that you can qualify for benefits. We will do our best to help you achieve that end.


Because there are so many estate planning tools that can assist you in obtaining Med-Cal benefits, it’s always best to plan before it is absolutely necessary. This way, a client can weigh all of his or her options and chose the proper Medi-Cal Plan that is best for them. Many married couples are under the impression that they cannot qualify for Medi-Cal benefits because they have too many assets. This is precisely why it is important to consult with an experienced elder law attorney. We will conduct a comprehensive review of all of your assets and financial condition. With the use of various estate planning tools, such as irrevocable trusts, we can put you in a position to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits in the event you one day need long-term care.

Our goal for Medi-Cal Planning is always the same: to create a comprehensive and properly structured asset protection plan which will assist you or a loved one in the event they one day need long-term care.

As Pasadena Elder Law Attorneys, we are here to help our clients with respect to all of their elder law needs.
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